Verification of Knowledge

Be prepared to challenge yourself when applying for college applications, internships and beyond!

PCEP – Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer

PCEP certification is an official recognition of a professional's expertise in the essential elements of Python programming. It serves as evidence that one possess basic knowledge and skills necessary to perform fundamental tasks related to coding with this language.

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MOS - Microsoft Office Specialist

With MOS certification, you can demonstrate your proficiency in the powerful Microsoft Office Suite applications. Developing an understanding of advanced features and functions will not only help boost productivity - it's also a great way to save time by cutting down manual processes! Investing in becoming MOS certified is sure to increase efficiency with Word, Excel, PowerPoint Outlook & Access usage.

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ACA - Adobe Certified Associate

The Adobe Certified Associate program is a great resource for those looking to enter the world of design, web development and multimedia. Achieving ACA status means gaining valuable knowledge in your chosen profession as well as having tangible proof that you are competent in the relevant software - two essential tools for success!

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UNITY - Game Design & Development Certifications

Unlock the door to success and gain an advantage in your job hunt with Unity certification. Tailored for students, specialists, and professionals alike - you can demonstrate that you are technically proficient by gaining a valuable certificate. Show employers your potential to bring creative solutions as well as applied expertise when it comes time to take on their next professional challenge!

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Looking for testing center?

Test your code-breaking skills and get certified at our AUTHORIZED TESTING CENTER! Challenge yourself to the ultimate coding exam.

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Scratch, Python, Java, C++. Our courses provide students with knowledge, skills, and confidence to think and code in the real world.

Robotics & AI

Ozobot, Dash & Dot, Kindergarten. Develop logic and creativity while learning robot coding, engineering, and algorithms.


AMC 8 10 12, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus. Instead of just memorizing, our teachers provide lessons based on deep understanding.

Business Software

Computer Graphic, MS Office, YouTube, Quickbooks. At our institution, We specialize in empowering professionals to master vital tools of the modern workplace.

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At The Coding Place, it's not just the coding that makes us special. It's our commitment to creating an environment where students can come together and share their experiences with one another in order to create innovative digital solutions for today’s challenges.

In just one year, my son went from knowing virtually nothing to being able to create his own algorithms and explore whatever interests him. It is truly incredible how far he has come in such a short amount of time!

Marcia H, The Coding Place Parent