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About UsWe are the coding place

At The Coding Place, we are committed to delivering high-quality education that empowers our students to unlock their full potential and pursue exciting opportunities in STEM fields. Our curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of students ranging from Pre-K to 12th Grade, with a focus on fostering creativity and logical thinking skills in a supportive learning environment. We strive to ensure that our students feel engaged and motivated as they explore the complexities of programming, without becoming overwhelmed or intimidated.


    At our programming school, we offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers everything from the basics of coding in various programming languages to advanced topics such as Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Our experienced instructors provide personalized instruction to help students develop strong problem-solving skills and a deep understanding of programming concepts. We believe in challenging and inspiring students, whether they are beginners or experienced coders. Through hands-on projects, collaborative learning environments, and real-world applications, our students gain the skills and experience necessary to succeed in today's fast-paced tech industry. We are committed to providing a supportive learning community that empowers students to achieve their full potential in the field of programming.


    At our school, our mathematics teachers provide comprehensive courses that are specifically designed to help our students master fundamental concepts and develop critical problem-solving skills. Through our rigorous curriculum and dedicated instruction, we aim to instill a deep understanding of mathematical principles that will serve our students well both in their academic careers and in their future careers

    We believe in providing our students with opportunities to challenge themselves and excel. That's why we strongly encourage participation in various math competitions, including the AMC, AIME, and other national competitions. These events offer valuable opportunities for students to showcase their skills, develop their problem-solving abilities, and gain recognition for their achievements. We are proud to support our students in their pursuit of excellence and are committed to helping them succeed in every way possible.