Build your own project!

One of the most appealing aspects of programming is the ability to create your own projects through coding.



Level up your coding skills with AI this summer!


Scratch unleashes students' inner creativity and encourages collaboration as they build interactive stories, games and animations. This visual programming language instructs the logical thinking of tomorrow's innovators today!

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Python is an incredibly versatile programming language which can be used to build powerful websites and software, streamline processes through automation, or even conduct complex data analysis. Developers value python for its capabilities in tackling any problem - from the most basic task with ease up to more intricate tasks requiring a higher level of expertise!

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Java is a tried-and-true programming language that has taken the developer world by storm. A wellspring of powerful and versatile applications, it's been relied on for over 20 years to produce reliable web code across multiple platforms. Today, millions of apps use its networked interface making this object-oriented language even more indispensable in today's tech landscape!

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C++ is widely considered to be the premier language for building large-scale applications, as it provides object-oriented programming capabilities. As a superset of its predecessor - the C Language - c++ also provided essential groundwork in advancing Java, which has been optimized to aid with program distribution across networks such as the internet.

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No matter which field of work you want to go in, it is of great importance to learn at least one programming language.

― Ram Ray


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We’ve got educational experiences for every stage of life. Come explore and make something amazing today!

Robotics & AI

Ozobot, Dash & Dot, Kindergarten. Develop logic and creativity while learning robot coding, engineering, and algorithms.


AMC 8 10 12, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus. Instead of just memorizing, our teachers provide lessons based on deep understanding.


PCEP, MOS, ACA, Unity. Be prepared to challenge yourself when applying for college applications, internships and beyond!

Business Software

Computer Graphic, MS Office, YouTube, Quickbooks. At our institution, We specialize in empowering professionals to master vital tools of the modern workplace.

Code on point

At The Coding Place, it's not just the coding that makes us special. It's our commitment to creating an environment where students can come together and share their experiences with one another in order to create innovative digital solutions for today’s challenges.

In just one year, my son went from knowing virtually nothing to being able to create his own algorithms and explore whatever interests him. It is truly incredible how far he has come in such a short amount of time!

Marcia H, The Coding Place Parent