Are you ready for Robotics & AI?

Develop logic and creativity while learning robot coding, engineering, and algorithms.


Ozobots are a fun and educational way for students to learn coding basics. With the use of colorful combinations, they can take these tiny robots on an exciting journey from one point to another – discovering limitless potential along the way!

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Dash & Dot

Dash and Dot are a dynamic duo that bring life to any room with their quirky personalities! With its speedy mobility, Dash lights up the space by zooming around while playing fun sound effects. On the other hand, cuddly-yet-spirited Dot always has something clever to say through flashing LEDs. Together this odd couple is sure to make your world more vibrant and entertaining!

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After-school program

Looking for exciting after-school programs for your little ones? We've got you covered! Our team provides top-notch teaching services at Preschool and Coding Club in public schools. Give your kids the opportunity to learn and grow in a fun and engaging environment. Join us today and watch your child thrive!

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What are the benefits of robot teaching?

Not only can they help young students develop cognitive skills and mathematical thinking at an early age, but it also gives them skills that they can transfer to other areas of their learning


Explore other subjects

We’ve got educational experiences for every stage of life. Come explore and make something amazing today!


Scratch, Python, Java, C++. Our courses provide students with knowledge, skills, and confidence to think and code in the real world.


AMC 8 10 12, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus. Instead of just memorizing, our teachers provide lessons based on deep understanding.


PCEP, MOS, ACA, Unity. Be prepared to challenge yourself when applying for college applications, internships and beyond!

Business Software

Computer Graphic, MS Office, YouTube, Quickbooks. At our institution, We specialize in empowering professionals to master vital tools of the modern workplace.

Code on point

At The Coding Place, it's not just the coding that makes us special. It's our commitment to creating an environment where students can come together and share their experiences with one another in order to create innovative digital solutions for today’s challenges.

In just one year, my son went from knowing virtually nothing to being able to create his own algorithms and explore whatever interests him. It is truly incredible how far he has come in such a short amount of time!

Marcia H, The Coding Place Parent